Very Hot or Very Cold?

Writing Prompt: Would you rather have it be very hot or very cold outside?

A number of years ago I went to Italy during the month of July with a couple of friends. July is a pretty hot month in Italy and the place we stayed had no air conditioner. I can’t recall the heat, but I remember how we’d shut the shutters to keep the cooler air trapped in the apartment and we’d lounge in the chairs with our arms and legs splayed. I remember drinking gobs upon gobs of Coca-Cola to quench my thirst. I’m not sure why I wasn’t drinking water. Perhaps I was, but I remember that Coke was like nothing I’d ever had before.

It was so hot that it was just hard to get up and do things and get things done.

I remember the first time I experienced the heat of southern california. It was a dry heat and I discovered I LOVED to sit in the hot car after I’d been inside an air conditioned store and the car had been sitting out in the parking lot. It’s like an amazingly warm hot wrap.

I also remember how much fun I had running in the heat. Hmmm. I wonder if that’s the case. I do, though, remember the sensation of the sweat cooling me off when I ran quickly and enjoying that.

I love sitting next to the heater at night when I’m cold.

The heat can be a nice thing, but it can also just be too hot.

The cold, on the other hand is refreshing. If you dress appropriately then it’s a fantastic feeling to be outside with the chill of the air brushing against your exposed skin. It’s invigorating and full of energy.

I remember returning to Alaska after the summer in Italy and breathing in the cold chill of the early Fall and zipping up my jacket, loving every moment of my jeans and light wool hat.

I also remember a time when I was driving in California over a mountain pass in the winter and had to get out and put on chains. My hands got so cold they just hurt. I didn’t want to give up, but I really sometimes wonder if my hands are not as tough as other peoples’. The cold can be cold.

And when you’re sick or tired, the cold just seeps into your entire being and threatens to dampen the tiny flame of your core energy that is barely making it.

So which would I prefer? The very hot or the very cold?

I live in Alaska. I like a good storm. I love the energy of the Fall. But I’m tempted to say I’d prefer the heat.

Can I have the heat with plenty of clean cool water and no biting insects?
Can I have the cold with no concerns about heating sources?

Oh, I want to say the heat, but I think that’s because I’m tired of the cold. We have yet another round of cold windy weather here where I live. If I had to live outside in the heat or in the cold, then I’d pick the heat without a doubt (if there was clean water and few biting insects.

If it came down to living inside, then I’d pick the cold because the cold is fun to venture out in as long as there is a good safe place to return.

And that will be my final answer for the moment.

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