My Smart Little Cookie

“Do you have a poopy?” I asked my boy as he made his way into my room again when he was supposed to be in bed.  I detected an odor and was pretty certain he’d respond with a “yes”.  He did not respond affirmatively, but my nose was pretty certain of what was going on so I asked again, using the more serious voice and the eyebrows.  He said he did have one.

And as I changed my little boy, he looked up at me and chatted away with a smile about the time outs he had yesterday.  “I had two time outs,” he said.  “I had one for taking food from sister and eating it and I had the other for a poopy.”  I questioned him about the poopy time out because we don’t give time outs for pooping and I wanted to really make sure he had the full story behind the time out.

“I said I did not have a poopy and that was a lie.”  Ha – he does get it!  Yesterday, he clearly told me TWICE that he did not have a poopy and I even asked if that was the truth or a lie and he said it was the truth.  But some things are not so easy to hide.  So we changed his diaper and he had a two minute time out and then later a talk about telling the truth and it’s always better and we tell the truth in our house and so on and so on.

Yesterday had its challenges.  Notice that his other time out was for taking food from his sister and eating it.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if he took something off her plate without any warnings, but he took it straight from her hand (after already having a warning) and popped it in his mouth super fast.  He’s clever he is.

So today I’m changing him and we’re reflecting on the time outs from yesterday and making good choices even after we mess up and then he goes and rehashes EVERYTHING in great detail, including the part of the day where, “I ignored you and then went to the stairs and then you said…”

Wow.  He really really gets it.  And as I listened to him tell me about yesterday in great detail, I realized just how much my little boy has got the system figured out.  He knows exactly how many times he can sucker me into tucking him into bed and at what point he’s on his own.  He remembers what the consequences are for certain actions and he can predict what they might be.

We were at the frozen ocean playing the other day and I asked him to climb down the snow hill so I could have him closer to me and his sister.  He dilly dallied.  I said there would be a consequence and the little guy said, “I will stay on the snow hill and when we get home I will have a time out.”

Gasp – he is calculating the consequences!  And with such self-assuredness! .  And then in a touch of sas, I responded, “Oh no it won’t be that simple young man”.  And before digging things in any deeper, I repeated my reason for having him come down the hill and I traipsed through the snow in my tennis shoes and scooped him off the hill while he climbed down to meet me.

He’s a sharp little cookie.

And he knows we think he’s adorable.

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