My Little Girl

Little girl snuggled in behind me under the down comforter and I could her her quiet breathing. She’d woken up too early due to a wet diaper and wet pj’s and after I changed her, I decided to bring her into bed with me where I thought she’d have a better chance of falling back asleep, and thus allowing me to fall back asleep.

She snuggled in closer to my back and I began to relax. I heard her breathing start to change and then I let myself begin to doze off to sleep.

And then I heard her whisper, “Kick”.

I froze and held my breath and at the same time tried to keep my breathing as steady and slow as possible so that she would mimic my deep relaxation and slumber off herself. It was to no avail.

I heard her whisper, “Kick” again and this time it was accompanied by a little flutter of her feet kicking my back under the covers. Sleep was not in the cards.

I rolled over and placed my hands under my cheeks and looked into her eyes just inches away looking at me with her head on my pillow and her hands under her cheeks. The binky was in her mouth at a cockeyed angle so she could speak. “Kick.”

My little girl is nineteen months and she understands gobs of things, but only says a handful of words and those handful of words are not yet very clear, but this word was very clear.

“Are you remembering the other day when we went swimming at the pool?” She smiled and kicked her feet.

And so there, lying almost nose to nose, nice and cozy, under the warm morning blankets she and I shared a wonderful magical conversation about our day at the pool.

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