Barefoot at the Beach in Alaska

Ahhhh – Finally the weather is warming up!   Of course, it might not stay warmed up.  The last couple summers have been unpleasantly gray and chilly with temperatures in the 40’s, but in the Right Now, things are wonderfully fantastic and we live in a phenomenal place.

This morning I took the kids down to the beach to play with a friend.  Our kiddos have never really been to the beach.  I mean, they HAVE, but not as Big kids which they are now at 33 months and 20 months.  The sun was out.  The wind was non-existent.  Small pieces of sea ice floated lazily in the tide.  What could be better!

At first they didn’t really know what to do which makes sense, but after checking out some rocks and having a little snack, they relaxed right into the morning.  Little boy took some time out from his conversation with the other kids to talk on his rock cell phone.  It makes me smile and laugh at how all important the cell phone is in their lives.  Everything becomes a phone and the funny thing is that we don’t really role model that.  Something about phones is just Very Grown Up and Fun – even at the beach.

Little girl did lots of digging, first with a trowel her friend brought, and then with the end of the dog leash.  She was caught up in the sweet world of just being in the moment.

A gloriously nice morning, followed by a lunch out with friends, a nap in a cool quiet bedroom and more time outdoors.  It was a good day.


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3 responses to “Barefoot at the Beach in Alaska

  1. ooohhh, the beach in alaska! what fun!

  2. Interesting sight after seeing all of the thick snow in some of your photos … And the kids seem to have great time.

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