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Poopy Cake!

A month or so back, we suggested having a celebration (who doesn’t love a good excuse for a celebration) when little boy did his first poop in the potty.  He was quite taken with the idea and told us all about it many times.

Yet, as much as he was taken with the idea, he didn’t really make any efforts to do anything to make it happen.

Until this week.

This last week on a cold gray June 3rd tired day, husband and I put a movie in the computer, turned up the heat and sat on the sofa while our kids entertained themselves in the living room.   And as we watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, our naked-boy son made his way over to the potty….

And pooped!

So we did the yay-yay potty dance, hugged him, kissed him, smiled as he showed his sister and hoorayed some more.

And then we went back to our movie and guess what!?

About a half hour later, he pooped again!

He was quite proud of himself and the fact that he had pooped not once, but twice all on his own.

So the next morning, we made our poopy cakes and that evening we had a celebration.

(Sister pooped in the potty a week or so earlier, but hers was more accidental and less meaningful.  Nonetheless, big brother knew that she needed a poopy cake as well.)

I wish I’d recorded my little boy looking at his poopy cake because this is pretty much what he said in a very sweet happy voice, “I love my poopy cake.  I love my nose.  And I love my eyes.  And I love my smile. And I love my barrette.  And I love my hair.”  (His hair had light waves, whereas sister’s was straight.)  It was a very good day.

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