List of Things I Want to Do at Some Point in Time:

1.  Learn to play songs on the guitar

2.  Play Für Elise on the piano

3. Learn to tap dance

4. Write a book

5. Teach a music class for kids based off Ella Jenkins

6. Write a scholarly article for an education journal

7. Go to Sweden for Lindy Hop dance camp with my family


List of Things To-Do Perhaps This Month, But Perhaps Next Month (Or the month thereafter)

1. Weed through the kids’ clothing
2. Back up my computer
3. Weed through my clothing
4. Organize the art (and everything else) closet
5. Christmas cards
6. Organize our Corner of winter gear
7. Build a couple shelves for little girl’s clothing
8. Organize our poor bathroom shelves again

(What a lot of organizing!)

9. Weed through our books
10. Weed through the kids’ toys
11. Have a garage sale
12. Fix the crib we no longer use so we can sell it (needs some love where our little boy practiced teething techniques)
13. Clean the fridge
14. Put photos in albums
15. Prepare menu ideas for the week
16. Craft projects with the kids

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