Post Travel Thankfulness

It is day 30 of the blog every day month and I have managed to blog every day.

I woke up at 4:30 in the warm desert and flew over nine and a half hours with my husband and kids back to Alaska. In the desert it was 60-70 degrees. In Alaska it has been well below zero. The inside of our windshield had to be scraped.

I am thankful:

that I stuck with the daily blog thing for November

for iPhones and amazing technology that allowed it to happen

that my boy puked all over his dads head AFTER we got off the plane and walked across the icy runway to the terminal

for my husband who entertained and played with the kids on the plane and seemed to get an unequal amount of the stinky diaper changing (I’m thankful I got to also play with the kids and lucked out in the diaper arena today)

that the majority of the time our kids were great on the plane

for chocolate covered espresso beans for those times I wanted to nap but the kids clearly did not

that we cleaned part of the house when we left – it was nice to come home to

i’m too tired to care about the state of the rest of the house

my kids both went right to bed

And Oh – I’m thankful our car started, our pipes weren’t frozen and our heat was on! I’m thankful for the friends that watched out for our house and our frog. And Im really thankful that we have food in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow! And of course I’m very thankful for the friends and family that we were able to visit.

The Next Morning – Did I say the pipes weren’t frozen?  I was wrong.

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